To An End

by All Torn Up!

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We recorded these songs in 2010.

This album is free. We don't need your money, but we do believe in the music and the message. IF you DO, like the music, we ask that you take 5 min, read our lyrics, and spread the word as payment. Let other people know about ALL TORN UP! our message and our music.

If you do that, it is well worth more than your money. If you can't be bothered, than you can send Joey a check. E-mail for the contact.


released March 1, 2011

Thanks to Z and everyone at the Sweatshop for recording and mixing this. Thanks to all of our friends and loved ones who helped do background vox, and who put up with our bullshit all the time.


all rights reserved



All Torn Up! New York, New York

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Track Name: Morally Depraved Preachers
"Brothers and Sisters, Friends, and I see some enemies."
-Malcolm X

Morally Depraved Preachers

Morality we need, but one that sets us free.
Illusions, won’t help us break oppressive chains.
NO I WON’T take your pamphlet your proselytizing has consequences
Off this planet? You want to get? I’ll oblige, I'll let me blow your mind.

No excuses. You done enough. Precious planet. JUST LEAVE IT TO US!
No saviors. Thinkers needed. You're incapable.

Hymens busted? Misogynistic humans? Your books kill women.
Stoned kids? Salted wives? Encourage questions!
Give to Caesar? Kosher weenies? They're happy with our submission.
No life after death. But if you wanna check, what the heck, GO WITH YOUR GOD

It's a mess. We'll stay behind. We'll fix it up. JUST LEAVE IT TO US

Without gods prosper together. Common, conscious future. LEAVE IT TO US

Preaching fundies' flyers. Aren't helping our world grow. SOOOOOO, LEAVE IT TO US!

40 virgins. Milk and honey. Go with your God!
Hypocrites, King of Kings is fucking waiting.
You can’t be better world building preparing to leave here.
Science, not myths. Solutions, not sins.
Forward, Together, Struggling, CRITICALLY!
Track Name: Dialectics

Tug a war
Tug a war
wake up this fights on
Tug a war
Tug a war
Strength, weakness, unity
Tug a war
Tug a war
We'll work together, they'll pull apart
Tug a war
Tug a war
What they can't grasp is where we'll start

Tug a war
Tug a war
something has to give
Tug a war
Tug a war
life, death, struggle
Tug a war
Tug a war
only one groups can win this fight
Tug a war
Tug a war
Victory to the proletariat
Track Name: Internationalism
"And this frightened many power -- many interests in this country. Many people in this country who want to see us the minority and who don't want to see us taking too militant or too uncompromising a stand are absolutely against the successful regrouping or organizing of any faction in this country whose thought and whose thinking patterns is international, rather than national. "

(he continues,) "Whose thought patterns, whose hopes and aspirations are worldly rather than just within the context of the United States border or the borderline of the United States."
-Malcolm X
Track Name: Here's To You
Here’s to You

Here’s to you
Acting like you run this place, don’t look like it much from here
You had your chance to get it right,
followed you, now look where we are

Here’s to you and all you done (DONE)
Here’s to you fucking us and our whole WORLD UP
It’s over, your done, here’s to you

Filled our lives with genocide
Split us apart irreparably
On flag poles you lowered our sights
Aww shucks well here’s to you

Robber Barons telling US about what morality should be, be, be
Stolen land, slavery, Bible thumping hysterically


Oh you great liberators
Freed us from our resources
Freedom filled your pockets - selfish spent
We want to send you off with a bang so - HERE’S TO YOU

200 years was more than enough, looks like your never gonna change
So have a drink, ease on back, your job is done, rest in peace


Won’t forget you, but well try
Left your mark on us like it or not
These scars may never heal but we’ll see
To bad you won’t be around, but anyway- HERE’S TO YOU
Track Name: Acquiescence
"There's a world wide revolution going on."
-Malcolm X


you see all the torture don’t you but you’re still sitting around
you see all the bodies piling up but you’re not up in arms
you seen that this war will never end and that America’s to blame
9/11 was reaping the same shit that america sows every day

if you thought it would go away
living life the same
take a closer look see
good ole imperialist, USA

now it’s a little more obvious
it’s been like this for years
now it’s a little more obvious
it’s been like this for years ---- now

you see all our right’s gone - don’t you - but you got a job
you see all the wrongs done - every day- think you’ll vote it away
all the exploitation- world wide- but you got money in the bank
you seen all of this and you think and you don’t have to do anything

if you thought it would go away
living life the same
this shit’s always been headed here
good ole imperialist, USA

now it’s a little more obvious
it’s been headed here for years
now it’s a little more obvious
it’s been headed here for years- don’t have to be, but you have to say

no more
no more

ignore – all the people rising arms in each hand
no more – can you get by head with your in the sand

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